The complete range of vibratory feeders and conveyors can be manufactured from mild steel, contact parts in stainless steel and in most cases almost totally stainless steel. Rubber, polyurethane or PVC are some of the protective linings available and external finishing is usually powder coated.

Standard Electromagnetic Drive Vibratory Feeder Units

These vibratory feeder units have the advantage of bolt-on feed trays. The KF1, KF 1E, KF 2G and KF 3G can accommodate feed tray sizes ranging from 250mm to 1500mm long depending on your application and throughput requirements.

standard electromagnetic drive unit

Bespoke Electromagnetic Drive Vibratory Feeders

Having high frequency and low amplitude operation, these vibratory feeder units are designed to accommodate a specific application which requires a controlled and variable discharge of material. Their design configuration allows a low head room in feed height and they can be supplied in single lengths up to 4500mm. Where a longer conveying length is required then two units can be positioned in cascade.

bespoke electromagnetic drive

Twin Vibrator Motor Drive

These vibratory feeders and screens are driven by two counter-rotating vibrator motors and are generally employed at the heavy or arduous end of industry. Manufactured from thick plate and sections, they can incorporate bolt-in wear plates, grizzly bar screen decks or quick-release modular screen decks with anti-clogging balls.

twin vibrator motor drive

Mechanical Shaker Drive Vibratory Feeders

Having low frequency and high amplitude, this vibratory feeder unit is ideal for sticky or dense materials and can be supplied in lengths up to 15000mm long. Designed for specific applications, they commonly incorporate multiple inlets and can be fitted with floor discharge points.

mechanical shaker drive

Vibrator Controller

A range of standard variable speed vibrator control units are available, all mounted in a die-cast aluminium housing and having triac rectification, volt free switching for fast, trickle and stop operation and a front mounted potentiometer.

Vibrator controller

Diagram of Controller Options

Vibratory control diagram

  • 240 or 110 Volt
  • 7, 10 or 20 Amp
  • 4-20 mA input

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