When an application dictates that a single standalone piece of KFA equipment is not enough, then it maybe necessary for several elements of semi-standard and bespoke machinery to be integrated to achieve the required process. This may include feeding, conveying, elevating, weighing, lift and tipping.

Bulk Vibratory Feed System

This system was designed to automatically load an electro plating barrel and begins with a 1000kg capacity bulk hopper mounted above a heavy duty vibratory feeder. This discharges components into a second feeder unit which is mounted on load cells. When the required weight is achieved the feeder unit traverses into the open barrel and discharges the known weight.

bulk vibratory feed system

bulk stillage decanterBulk Stillage Decanter

The bulk decanting system is designed to transfer fasteners, pressings or castings from a bulk storage container into tote tins, bags or boxes. Consisting of a hydraulically operated bulk container tipper, an electromagnetic vibratory feed system and a user-friendly digital weigh control unit.

Bag Discharge Station with Vibratory Feed

Three 1000kg capacity bulk bags each containing different products are positioned on the supporting framework and with the shut off valve open, each bag will discharge into an independently controlled bespoke vibratory feeder. The control system is programmable and allows pre-set menus to be selected which dictates the discharge rate of each feeder, thus giving various batch mixes. Each feeder discharges into a common bespoke vibratory feeder which incorporates a perforated screen to separate oversize particles from the product.

bag discharge station

shaker hearth furnace loaderShaker Hearth Furnace Loader

Comprising a 100 litre capacity hopper, a twin vibratory feed system, a pneumatically operated transfer chute and a single tip bucket elevator which incorporates a weighing system. The bucket elevator will receive a pre-determined batch of components. At target weight the feed system will stop, the pneumatically operated chute closes and the bucket will lift and tip each batch on demand from the process timer.

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