With over 500 million fasteners produced at its Birmingham manufacturing plant each year, speed and reliability of the production process is paramount to achieve these levels of production.

Baker & Finnemore was experiencing production problems in retrieving components and scrap from below several of the power presses. Conventionally the material is conveyed and elevated using a standard conveyor which has a canvas or rubber belt with bonded cross flights and side walls. The issue was a persistent problem with the belts becoming damaged and unserviceable due to components and scrap cutting and trapping within the belt. This resulted in regular downtime and frequent conveyor maintenance.

KFA was consulted to carry out a site survey and propose a solution to this long standing problem.

The problem was inherent in the process, as components are received from below the press discharge chute and then transported through the sound enclosure at a height at which a bulk container – positioned outside the sound enclosure – could receive the components. The scrap sections are received from below the press cropper discharge chute and then transported via a different route through the sound enclosure at a height at which a second bulk container – also positioned outside the sound enclosure – could receive the scrap.

To alleviate this costly problem of worn and damaged belts requiring frequent repair and maintenance, KFA proposed combining use of an electro magnetic feeder with two moving magnet conveyors thus doing away with the need for belts completely.

The moving magnet conveyor does not have any external moving parts in contact with the product that is being handled. The permanent magnet assemblies are fixed between the parallel chains at set pitches, and run below a stainless steel fascia plate, conveying components to the declined gravity discharge chute.

This practical solution resulted in a system that has been in operation for almost 12 months and has drastically reduced the need for maintenance and downtime, thus increasing productivity. The installation has been a resounding success and Baker & Finnemore has plans for further installations in the pipeline.

KFA has worked with Baker & Finnemore for over 10 years providing many types of materials handling equipment ranging from shaker hearth furnace loaders, tote tin lift and tip units and magnetic elevators.

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