Bowl Feeder Loading Systems feed and position your products precisely whilst ensuring a consistent and accurate flow of components into your production machinery. This saves you time and money and helps to maximise your production levels.

bowl feeder bulk hopperLow Level Bulk Hopper

A mechanically operated single tip bucket elevator, in conjunction with a vibratory feed system, is used to automatically load a bowl feeder on demand from a level detector positioned within the bowl feeder.

tote pan tipperTote Pan Tipper

Loaded by the operator through a down-loading front door, the tote pans are transferred – via an elevator lift platform – and emptied into a high level storage hopper mounted over a vibratory feeder.

The empty tote pans return automatically to the loading door at the end of each cycle.

The bulk hopper has high and low level detectors and is able to receive the contents of three or four standard tote pans.

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