The elevating of components or product is a common requirement for virtually all production facilities. This may be required as a continuous flow or as a regulated batch being discharged on demand from a proceeding operation. Our various methods for elevating your materials include magnetic elevators, plate link elevators and single tip bucket elevators.

Moving belt magnetic elevatorMoving Belt Magnetic Elevator

Moving belt magnetic elevators have a permanent magnet system fixed below a stainless steel fascia plate. A rubber or PVC faced belt runs against the fascia and with components attracted to the magnet system the belt will transfer a continuous load to the high level gravity discharge chute which diverts the component away from the magnetic field. This method can achieve a higher throughput than the moving magnet elevator.

moving magnets elevatorMoving Magnets Magnetic Elevator

Moving magnets elevators have no external moving parts and therefore are ideal for moving small, sharp or thin components which may normally ingress into mechanical devices. This machine consists of two parallel chains being driven by a head shaft. The permanent magnet assemblies are fixed between the parallel chains at set pitches, and run below a stainless steel fascia plate converying ferrous components at an incline or even vertically.

plate link elevatorPlate Link Elevator

Sturdier than other conveyor systems, a plate link belt conveyor is durable and often used in demanding applications such as swarf or scrap removal to heat treatment and hazardous zones. Plate link belts are constructed using hinged and overlapping steel plates which are fitted to side chains thus allowing a positive drive. Various pitch, width, side wall and cross flight combinations are available and can be manufactured from mild or stainless steel.

KFA Bucket ElevatorBucket Elevator

The bucket elevator system is used to raise and discharge regular batches of components from a continuous source. This system usually includes a low level vibratory feeder which can be positioned below a production machine outlet and prevents the need for work containers being manually lifted from floor level. The component contact surfaces have no moving parts and so, unlike a swan neck belt conveyor eliminates component trap points and spillage.

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