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The world of manufacturing has had a rapid change in the development of new technologies and techniques, that are replacing how manufacturing is done.

Biomanufacturing is a category in manufacturing that uses biological systems to manufacture biomaterials and biomolecules which are used in food and beverage processing, medicines, and industrial applications. The products are regained from natural resources such as microbes, animal cells, plant cells or blood.

Advanced manufacturing includes the production of new processes and products that are based on newer and better technology. The concept includes high-technology products that brings in advanced technology and applies it to manufacturing.

This is a manufacturing process through which microscopic structures, products or devices are created. These structures are of micrometer scales or even smaller, which means that they range from the size of a human cell to the width of a hair strand.

To explain it simply, biomanufacturing is a new method of production which incorporates biological systems to create commercially-useful biomaterials that can be used in various industries like medicine, food and beverage.

By adopting sustainable manufacturing principles, a company can not only do its part in protecting the environment but also become more competitive and efficient, and thus increase its profitability.

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